Unibody wooden frame
crossing the boundaries of common ideas.

Over forty layers of wood create this precisely shaped frame, resembling an avocado. Firmness and flexibility achieved mainly because of the solid construction are the main qualities of this unique model.


The body of the frame is handmade as a compact whole without any junctions or disruptions. This construction enhances the overall durability of the frame and improves its performance.

The lower part of the frame is thick to make the bike firm and strong, whereas the upper part of the frame works as a suspension.

The upper part is not attached to the seat tube which lets it move freely during suspension. This technical solution is applicable only thanks to the high fatigue life of wood.

Constructors of bicycles have been recently re-discovering natural materials, appreciating their balanced mechanical properties. Wood has excellent proportion of flexibility and durability for construct elements with high dynamic usage. It’s an sustainable material which you can easily work with. It can absorb vibration – the characteristic especially important for a comfortable ride.

We created a unique frame applying the qualities characteristic of wood, which are hard to find when using metal or pipes. We chose a concept of a holistic frame. For the production of this unusual construction we had to choose nontraditional way of work. We chose the technology of layering which allows to create a compact shape according our needs and at the same time improve its firmness. Particles not made from wood are made from dural. The whole frame weighs around 3 kilograms.

For us, the bicycle is not just a toy for weekend rides. The bicycle is an expression of our approach to life and of modern urban lifestyle. For the production of our bicycles we chose the material of wood mainly because of its beauty and potential for continuous transformation. We don’t want to produce another mass-produced product, our goal is mainly to create and transcend the limits, both technological and of common ideas and trends.


License: see details in Press kit | credits: Jan Vidlička (photo, camera, post-production), Jachym Kliment (photo), Titus-Armand Napirlica (camera), music: Garmish – Black Paint